Regional Executive Committee

The ICLEI East Asia Secretariat is led by Regional Director Shu Zhu. The Regional Director and his team are politically guided and supported by the East Asia Regional Executive Committee. This Committee is consisted of four appointed representatives and one non-voting members on ex-officio.

RexCom Members

Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor, Kyoto City, Japan
Chair & Portfolio seat on Low-carbon development and greenhouse gas mitigation


Gyoung-Gee Liu, Vice Mayor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea
Vice Chair & Portfolio seat on Regional Cooperation


Yeom Tae-young, Mayor, Suwon City, Republic of Korea
Representative to ICLEI Global Executive Committee & Portfolio seat on Transportation


Alex Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, Eco-Forum Global, Beijing, China
Portfolio on China Development


Shen Hsien Chen, Deputy Mayor, New Taipei City Government, Chinese Taipei
Portfolio on disaster resilience and climate adaptation

Advisory Members

Professor Hironori Hamanaka, Chair of ICLEI Japan Office

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