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Local Renewable Conference 2017

9.7 ► 9.8 | Nagano, Japan

As part of the established Local Renewables Conference Series initiated by ICLEI, the conference will explore good practices, barriers and opportunities in establishing local renewable energy supply systems and building a low carbon society.

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The 5th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum

9.7 ► 9.8 | Shenzhen, China

The Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum has played a leading role in the field of low carbon development, attracting important stakeholders from all over the world. The 5th Edition will focus on climate change and the promotion of low carbon development, with a series of activities and sub-forums. ICLEI East Asia is also invited as a speaker.

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The 3rd China Smart City (International) Expo

9.22 ► 9.23 | Shenyang, China

The China Smart City Expo (CSCE) is the only cross-regional international expo of multi-level departments and industries targeted at smart city construction in China. This year, three subordinate exhibitions: Smart City Exhibition, Characteristic Town Exhibition and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition are coordinated to offer an interactive and comprehensive platform for connection and negotiation among governments, think tanks and companies through showcasing, forum, conferences and project-matching. The 4th China Smart City (International) Innovation Conference will also be held at the Expo. ICLEI East Asia is also invited to participate as a speaker.

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2017 Suwon Forum on Asian Human City

9.25 ► 9.26 | Suwon, South Korea

The idea of a ‘Progressive Human City’ emerged from a critical reflection on the ostentatious urbanization having solely focused on economic growth in the past. In order to address and share the idea of the progressive human city with Asian cities, Suwon is hosting the 2017 Suwon Forum on Asian Human City. 

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2017 Climate Change and City Transformation Forum

9.29 ► 9.30 | New Taipei City

The Forum will be guided by the theme “Climate Change and City Transformation” that focuses on the action items in order to achieve the priorities of The Paris Agreement. It also serves as a platform for city leaders to share their experiences in tackling issues related to climate change and city transformation.

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ICLEI East Asia RexCom Meeting

9.30 | New Taipei City

Annual meeting to convene Regional Executive Committee (RexCom) Members to discuss ICLEI strategies to support ICLEI Members and promote urban sustainability in the region.

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EcoMobility World Festival 2017

10.1 ► 10.31 | Kaohsiung

In October 2017, the City of Kaohsiung will host the 3rd EcoMobility World Festival, transforming one neighborhood into a dedicated space for ecomobile transport for an entire month. It will be a live demonstration of how cities can create a forward-thinking urban transportation culture through ecomobility.

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2017 Mayoral Forum on Climate Change

10.19 ► 10.20 | Seoul, Korea

Seoul Metropolitan Government and ICLEI will organize the second Mayoral Forum on Climate Change to convene local governments who have been seeking innovative solutions to tackle climate change while promoting inclusive growth.


"Cities in Climate Change - International TWINS Conference" & ICLEI Urban Transitions Alliance Launch

11.6 ► 11.8 | Essen, Germany

Urban Transitions Alliance is an initiative led by ICLEI with the aim to support cities in their transition from an industrial past to a sustainable future. It is planned to be launched at the TWINS conference in Essen, Germany in November 2017. The conference will gather cities from the Ruhr Metropolitan Area, their twin cities, and others to discuss the urban challenges associated with climate change.


11.6 ► 11.17 | Bonn, Germany

ICLEI will participate in COP23 with high level representatives from cities to help to accelerate the Paris Agreement implementation. As the focal point of local and subnational governments, ICLEI supports cities in positioning themselves as vital partners in shaping and implementing the international architecture and the coordinated efforts of committed non-Party actors.


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