California-China Urban Climate Collaborative (CCUCC)

A dynamic long-term exchange between cities in California and China seeking to find practical and feasible solutions to reduce carbon and air pollution, and advance the clean energy economy.

What is CCUCC?

Launched in September 2015 during the US-China Climate Leaders Summit in Los Angeles, the California-China Urban Climate Collaborative (CCUCC) program has been designed to institutionalize participating cities’ knowledge through a peer-to-peer exchange in the area of climate action planning. This multilateral knowledge exchange will assist cities to be more efficient in the climate action planning process, inspire friendly competition among cities to set higher emission reduction targets, and will result in scaling up local solutions to address the climate change challenges.


  • To learn about the needs of cities and to provide the necessary support for cities to make their own climate action plans to achieve their ambitious targets
  • To establish a long-term bilateral platform for sharing low carbon best practices and experience, innovative low carbon technologies, demonstration and application cases through the regular peer to peer exchanges
  • To develop sustainable partnership between cities


Designed by ICLEI, the CCUCC is a response to the China-US Joint Announcement on Climate change made by President Jinping Xi and President Obama in November 2015, particularly on extending the bi-lateral cooperation on Climate Smart/Low Carbon cities initiatives. The MoU signed back in 2013 by Zhenhua Xie, Deputy Director-General of China's NDRC and Jerry Brown, Governor of California State in San Francisco, where China and California agreed to strengthen ties on carbon trade, GHG emission accounting clean energy technology, also built the foundation for closer cooperation between China and California.

What CCUCC can provide?

Impact-oriented approach, long-term exchange, practical & feasible solutions

  • Pool of leading experts and world renowned institutions to provide tools and technical support
  • Cities Climate Network to enhance the mutual understanding via peer to peer exchange and further build the partnership
  • Solution Providers to bring in cutting-edge technologies at practice-based scenarios

How to participate?

We sincerely encourage Chinese cities to participate in this innovative program. Contact us for more information.

Solution Providers
We welcome industry experts to get integrally involved in CCUCC to share their knowledge and experience on viable technological solutions for urban low carbon transformation. Contact us if you are interested.

CCUCC Organizer, Partners & Supporters

ICLEI serves as the facilitator, organizer and supporter for the participating cities from China and California to CCUCC. CCUCC is provided through funding by the Energy Foundation.

Key Partners

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • The California-China Office of Trade and Investment
  • The Bay Area Council
  • The Asia Society


  • California Energy Commission
  • California Environmental Protection Agency
  • CCUCC is provided through funding by the Energy Foundation

Any question?

Contact our Program Officer, Qiaoqiao Xu at / +82-(0)2 3789 0496


"We can no longer afford to ignore the changing climate. Let’s use the first US-China Climate Leaders Summit as a starting line, leverage the network and technical know-how of global organizations like ICLEI, and engage in long-term and action-oriented collaboration."

Zhaoli Jiang, Deputy Director General of Department of Climate Change, China's National Development and Reform Commission

"If you make cities better for people, the cities will naturally be low carbon."

Dr. Jiang Lin, Senior Vice President of China Strategy and Analysis at Energy Foundation China

"We recognize that one of the strategies to solve these issues is to provide local governments with tools and resources to effectively target local sources of GHG emissions and criteria air pollution. ICLEI’s California-China Urban Climate Collaborative initiative does just that and builds upon the active collaboration between the State of California and China."

Robert B. Weisenmiller, Chair California Energy Commission
Matt Rodriquez, Secretary for Environmental Protection California Environmental Protection Agency
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