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在 2017 生态文明试验区贵阳国际研讨会期间,ICLEI 宜可城东亚秘书处与生态文明贵阳国际论坛秘书处(EFG)和贵阳市政府共同主办了绿色公共采购研讨会。会上,ICLEI也正式宣布启动其主导的可持续公共采购十年方案框架(10YFP on SPP)1a 工作组项目。



GPP Pushed Forward in China and Korea

During the Eco Forum Global Guiyang Symposium 2017, ICLEI East Asia hosted the seminar on green public procurement in cooperation with the Eco Forum Global Secretariat and Guiyang Municipal People’s Government. On the occasion, ICLEI also officially announced the launch of the 10YFP on SPP (sustainable public procurement) 1a Working Group Project on GPP implementation and impact monitoring (10YFP on SPP project).



贵阳市长亲自接待ICLEI 肯定可持续发展

作为生态文明贵阳国际论坛的长期合作伙伴,ICLEI 受邀出席6月17-18日的2017生态文明试验区贵阳国际研讨会。ICLEI全球秘书长 Gino van Begin率领东亚秘书处同仁共同出席此次论坛,并于论坛期间主办绿色公共采购筹办专题研讨会。



中国生态旅游 下一站:广元

2017中国社科院国际论坛--低碳发展与生态康养旅游名市建设 6 月 13 日在中国广元召开。此论坛由中国社会科学院城市环境研究所和广元市政府联合主办。ICLEI 宜可城—地方可持续发展协会的则针对城市需求,积极从旁提供协助。



Next stop: Guangyuan! Chinese city ready for eco-tourism

The CASS Forum 2017 – the International Forum on Low Carbon & Eco-preservation of Health was held in Guangyuan, China on 13 June. The Forum was jointly organized by the Institute of Urban Environmental Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), and Guangyuan People’s Government, and supported by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.


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