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ICLEI East Asia Secretariat joins the International Green Campus Alliance

ICLEI East Asia Secretariat has joined the International Green Campus Alliance (IGCA) after attending the IGCA conference held in Chongqing, China in October 2013.



Northeast Asian cities seek ways to improve urban and transnational air quality

Cities across Northeast Asia are facing air pollution – an issue that at times receives less attention that it should due to its “invisibility” and slow-onset impacts on health and livelihoods. To raise awareness among policymakers and find solutions to improve air quality in the region, the Northeast Asian International Seminar on Air Quality Improvement was held in Seoul, South Korea on 17 October 2013.



Incheon convened sister and friendly cities conference at UN symposium

Convened back to back with the Incheon-hosted ‘International Symposium on Sustainable Cities: Empowering Local Governments through Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing’ organized by the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD), the ‘Incheon Sister and Friendly Cities Conference” was held in ICLEI Member City Incheon Metropolitan Government, South Korea, on 28 September 2013.



Chinese cities exchanged low-carbon knowledge at EcoMobility World Festival

A delegation comprised of vice mayors, city officials and researchers from 11 Chinese cities including Tianjin, Jilin, Xiamen, Shenyang and Guangzhou, participated in a three-day exchange program on low-carbon development organized by ICLEI East Asia Secretariat during the EcoMobility World Festival held in Suwon, South Korea in September 2013.



Korean City Suwon’s car-free diet surpasses expectations

Following the smashing success of Suwon‘s month-long car-free diet, residents are now prompted with the questions: should they reunite with cars or should they embrace the ecomobile lifestyle for good? Which city is bold enough to follow Suwon’s ecomobility model?


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