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宜可城东亚秘书处和光明区城市发展促进中心于 2018 年 11 月 6-7 日,在联合国可持续公共采购十年方案框架(10YPF on SPP)的架构下,共同举行了光明区绿色公共采购专家研讨会,为在光明文化艺术中心建设 — 地标性绿色建筑 — 项目中选取优先绿色采购领域,引入绿色指标,并提供专业建议。



GPP Onsite Technical Consultation Seminar in Guangming

On 6th and 7th November, ICLEI East Asia and the Guangming Urban Development and Promotion Center jointly organized the Green Public Procurement (GPP) Technical Consultation Seminar for Guangming District, Shenzhen, China, under the framework of the 10YFP SPP Working Group 1A – GPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring, aiming to support the District in identifying procurement areas and further embracing more stringent green specifications...



Procura+ Network Hosted China National GPP Study Visit to Nordic Cities

In October 2018, China National Green Public Procurement (GPP) delegation comprising six high-level officials from the Ministry of Finance, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC, a Procura+ strategic partner), Jilin Provincial Government, and China Finance and Economics Newspaper conducted a 10-day learning visit to six Nordic cities of Copenhagen Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, and Bergen to investigate forefront green procurement...




“面向可持续未来的城市转型之路”城市转型联盟(Urban Transitions Alliance, 简称“UTA”)项目中国研讨会成功于10月30日在北京市举行,与会的三十余名中德城市代表和合作伙伴就城市转型之路进行了深入交流和探讨。



Chinese and German UTA Cities Gathered in Beijing

The Urban Transitions Alliance China Event entitled “Industrial Legacy. Sustainable Future” was successfully held in Beijing, China on 30 October, 2018, gathering 30 representatives from Chinese and German UTA participating local governments and partners to have in-depth discussions on urban transitions towards a sustainable future.


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