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本手册介绍了 ICLEI 东亚秘书处的愿景、发展历史、议程和活动。



本报告说明 ICLEI 在 2012 至 2015 年间支持城市推动可持续发展 、 应对气候变化及其他由城镇化带来的挑战的战略。



本文件介绍了 ICLEI 的活动及开展的工作,以及为中国地方政府提供的特色服务。


”生态城市和低碳城市项目及网络“ 东亚国家研究报告



EcoProcura 中国:政府绿色采购

“EcoProcura 中国”会议亮点。





本手册涵盖了 2014 年 10 月 28-29 日在中国北京召开的为期两天的专家研讨会的会议亮点。






  • 昌原市(韩国):公共自乘车项目 (NUBIJA) [ EN ]
  • 高雄(中华台北):以综合性公共交通实现生态交通城市 [ EN ]
  • 熊本市(日本): 使用自然的方法保育地下水:拧开水龙头,享用矿泉水 [ EN ]
  • 饭田市 (日本):利用合作关系形成的生态能源城市 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 首尔(韩国): 「少一座核电厂」计划 [ EN ]
  • 水原(韩国):水原生态交通节 [ EN ]
  • 东京 (日本): 以绿色建筑减排 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 横浜市(日本): 横浜绿化计划-利用税机制保育私人绿色地区 [ EN ]
  • 日照市 (中国): 日照的生态市建设规划 [ EN ] [ 中 ]


  • 墨尔本 (澳大利亚): 建设生态城市,建设可持续城市 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 多伦多 (加拿大): 从气候变化评估到实际行动 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 赫尔辛基(芬兰): 使用清洁可再生柴油的赫尔辛基环保巴士 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 南特 (法国): 欧洲的绿色首都 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 雷克雅未克 (冰岛): 雷克雅未克市的绿色清洁 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 赫尔辛堡 (瑞典): 利于当地可持续发展的环境教育和参与 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 波特兰 (美国): 以城市创新的核心的基础上建设可 持续发展的经济  [ EN ] [ 中 ]


此案例研究系列是 ICLEI 受国际再生能源组织 IRENA 委托而制,说明地方政府在推广使用和发展再生能源的情況。

  • 奥斯汀 (美国):通过公共和私人采购刺激可再生能源 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 开姆尼茨 (德国):为政策干预进行的可再生能源潜力分析 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 德州市 (中国):依托可再生能源产业的绿色经济 [ EN ] [ 中 ]
  • 贝洛奥里藏特(巴西)[ EN ]
  • 马尔默(瑞典) [ EN ]
  • 圣保罗 (巴西) [ EN ]
  • 悉尼, 那格浦尔(澳大利亚) [ EN ]


This case studies series forms part of the Urban NEXUS project 2013-2014 funded by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ on behalf of the BMZ). It documents good practices of over 20 cities around the world that applied the Urban NEXUS approach in its urban strategic design. 

Click here for non-East Asian city case studies or more information about Urban NEXUS.



ICLEI Corporate Report

The reports outline ICLEI's global and regional milestones over the years and provide the overview of its membership, governance, management, operations and achievements. 

  • 2016 Corporate Report [ EN ]
  • 2015 Corporate Report [ EN ]
  • 2014 Corporate Report [ EN ]


EcoMobility World Festival 2015 - Johannesburg

In October 2015, parts of the Sandton central business district in the City of Johannesburg, Africa's most vibrant financial hub, has transformed into an inviting green space that accommodated alternative modes of transport and  mobility. This report documents how Johannesburg realize its ambitious goal of shifting mobility priorities to walking, cycling and public transport, and promoting smaller vehicles running on renewable sources of energy. 

Download:[ EN ] [ CN ]


ICLEI World Congress 2015 Report

Every three years, ICLEI Members and partners gather at the ICLEI World
Congress to showcase their actions, launch new commitments, and discuss
strategies for the following years. Hosted by Seoul, the ICLEI World Congress
2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of ICLEI. This report documents the highlights
and achievements of the congress.



ICLEI Seoul Strategic Plan 2015-2021

Adopted by the ICLEI Council at the ICLEI World Congress 2015 hosted by the City of Seoul, this strategic plan represents the voices of our 1,000+ Members. The Plan presents a continuation of previous plans and focuses on new strategic initiatives planned for 2015-2021, and sets out our vision of the role we aim to play in the world and shares our goals, programs and activities.

[ Download ]


ICLEI Seoul Declaration

Adopted by over 100 mayors at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, the Seoul Declaration is a collaborative document that sets out a path to urban sustainability. It acknowledges the grave issues facing our world today and establishes how cities can change in response.

[ Download ]


Compact of Mayors

This document gives an introduction of the Compact of Mayors. The Compact is a global coalition of mayors and city officials committing to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience to climate change and track their progress publicly. It is an agreement by city networks – and then by their members – to fight climate change in a consistent and complimentary manner to national efforts.

[ Download ]


Climate Change: Implications on cities

This document is one of a series synthesizing the most pertinent findings of Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for specific economic and business sectors. The basis for information presented in this overview report can be found in the fully-referenced and peer-reviewed IPCC technical and scientific background reports at: www.ipcc.ch

[ Download ]


carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) factsheet

This factsheet provides a brief introduction of the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) - the world´s leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments. It is designated as the central repository of the Compact of Mayors launched at the Climate Summit 2014.

[ Download ]



10YFP SPP Newsletter Issue No. 8

Lead by UN Environment, and co-lead by KEITI and ICLEI globally, the 10YFP on SPP Programme issues newsletter every quarter to share latest progresses and activities of the programme. Issue No.8 covers updates in the first quarter of 2017. 

  • 10YFP on SPP Newsletter Vol.9  [ EN ]

  • 10YFP on SPP Newsletter Vol.8  [ EN ] [ KR ]

Promise of Seoul: Taking actions against climate change

Declared at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, this document embodies the 11 pledges by the city government, citizens and businesses to take actions against climate change.

  • Promise of Seoul  [ EN ]
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