GPP for Local Sustainable Development



Held during the Eco Forum Global Guiyang Symposium 2017 on 17 June, the seminar GPP for Local Sustainable Development gathered GPP experts, government procurement officials, business and NGOs representatives from China, Korea, Norway, and Ethiopia to share their experiences and exchange knowledge on green public procurement.



Major Outcomes



Key Topics

Benefits and Impacts of GPP for Green and Reource-efficient Growth

Local Actions for GPP in Korea

Local Actions for GPP in China





Voices from the Corridor

Shaorong Chen Vice Mayor, Guiyang City

“ In 2015, a total of 2 trillion RMB was spent on government procurement, which made up to one tenth of the annual financial expenditure. Green procurement could be a strong leverage for the government to trigger market transformation and encourage eco-civilization. ”

Desta Tesfaw Mebratu  Ethiopian Minister of State for the Prime Minister’s Office

“Every citizen should understand the importance of environment because it is our initial existence.”

Yujing Zhou Vice President & Head of HR, Philips China

“The implementation of GPP would not only foster the formation of new business models, but would also improve public awareness of the environment. ”

Alex Zhang Executive Director, Eco Forum Global

“Experiences suggest that economic growth does not have to come with environmental degradation. China is entering green transformation. It is not only about protecting the environment, but also about changing our lifestyles.”

Gino van Begin Secretary General, ICLEI World Secretariat

“Green public procurement means cities use their purchasing power by selecting green services and green products. Many governments use GPP to ensure that they contribute to policy priorities such as resource efficiency, switching to renewable energy resources, pollution control, etc.”



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