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ICLEI - the global cities network

We are a powerful movement of 12 mega-cities, 100 super-cities and urban regions, 450 large cities as well as 450 small and medium-sized cities and towns in 86 countries dedicated to sustainable development.

ICLEI Members in the East Asia region spans over 80 cities across China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and Mongolia.


Local Climate Actions leaders across the globe

ICLEI Members is a diverse group of local governments, prefectures, municipalities and counties who share the common commitment in sustainable urban development - to make communities greener, more efficient, healthier and more resilient to climate change and its impacts.

ICLEI Members in East Asia spans over 70 cities, towns and counties across the regions, including China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Korea.



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Local climate solutions with Global impacts

ICLEI Members save money, reduce energy use and waste, improve infrastructure and lower greenhouse gas emissions to adapt and mitigate climate change.

They measure energy consumption and emissions, assess sustainability performance and climate resilience, set achievable goals, develop and implement local action plans, advocate and share good practices worldwide.



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A Gateway to green and smart solutions

ICLEI is a gateway to global sustainability solutions. By participating in our programs, projects and campaigns, Memebrs gain access to technical tools, expert guidance and assistance, trainings, peer networks, case studies and guide books, funding updates and policy analyses, networks to share knowledge, international recognition, as well as opportunities to affect national and international policy.





How to become Our Members?

  • ICLEI's membership is open to local governments, cities, towns, countries and urban regions of all geographical and population sizes worldwide. We also welcome the opportunities to collaborate in projects, programs and campaigns.

  • The only requirement of ICLEI membership is a self-defined commitment to sustainability and climate protection. The payment of annual membership dues is based on population size and country Gross national income per capita (GNI).



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"This is what really sets the tone at ICLEI - we can all teach other something and we can all learn from each other"

Amos Masondo, Former Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, South Africa

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