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Renewables Global Status Report highlights worldwide growth in renewables capacity

Launched at the UN-hosted Sustainable Energy for All held during 4-6 June in New York, the latest edition of the annual Renewables Global Status Report highlights significant growth in the world’s renewable electricity capacity. More cities and regions are adopting ambitious goals to meet 100% of their energy demand by transitioning to renewable energy, especially in developing and emerging economies, which accounts for 70% of countries globally...



Local Leaders Champion Resilience Building

Making cities resilient to disaster and the impacts of climate change has undoubtedly become a responsibility of all local leaders. This became evident during deliberations by over 400 experts, and practitioners who convened for Resilient Cities 2014: The 5th Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation in Bonn Germany.




增强城市抵抗灾害、气候变化影响的能力无疑已经成为了地方领袖们的重要责任之一。这也被参与到2014年韧性城市论坛:第五届国际城市韧性和适应性论坛(Resilient Cities 2014: The 5th Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation) 的400多位专家和实践者的商讨结果所证实。



Resilient Cities opened with a message from HRH Prince Charles

Now on its 5th year, the Resilient Cities congress opens today with a message from His Royal Highness Prince Charles.



Resilient Cities 2014 kicks off in Bonn

Resilient Cities 2014 - the annual global congress on urban resilience and adaptation organized by ICLEI, has kicked off in Bonn, Germany. Visit our blog and stay tuned to our live updates!


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