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From Cincinnati to Beijing, Global Post-Industrial Cities Chart a New Path Together for the Transition to Sustainability

Eleven cities worldwide show what a future after industry can look like in a new report released on Earth Day 2019



RCAP2019 sets strong stage towards climate resilient actions

The 4th Resilient Cities Asia Pacific 2019 (RCAP2019) Congress was successfully organized by ICLEI and hosted by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on 15-17 April in New Delhi, India. ICLEI East Asia supported representatives from the East Asian region to actively participate and share their works at the Congress.



Cities embrace circular development at UNEA-4

The linear model of consumption needs to go. That might just be the key takeaway from UNEA-4, or the United Nations Environment Assembly, which was held in Nairobi 11-15 March. Throughout the event, policymakers, scientists and stakeholders made continuous reference to the “linear model” and why addressing it should be a top priority for communities worldwide if they are to build healthy environments and protect natural resources.



宜可城东亚秘书处携手艾伦 • 麦克阿瑟基金会加速中国循环经济发展

4月9日,宜可城—地方可持续发展协会东亚秘书处(ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability East Asia Secretariat)和艾伦 • 麦克阿瑟基金会(Ellen MacArthur Foundation)宣布成立合作伙伴关系,强调他们皆意识到城市在推进低碳循环经济转型过程中扮演关键性角色,将齐心协力加速东亚地区——特别是中国——的城市行动和转型。


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