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10YFP Binhai Pilot Project Scoop 2018 China Government Procurement “Innovation of the Year” Award

The innovative green furniture procurement evaluation system developed by Tianjin Binhai New District with the support of ICLEI in 2018 wins the local government the highest award in public procurement in China.



New Concept introduced in Japan: Synergizing De-carbonization, SDGs, and Ecological and Economic Development in Cities and Regions

Cities and regions are exploring an integrated development approach to synergize and incorporate de-carbonization with SDGs, resource efficiency, and ecological balance. The concept of Regional and Circular Ecological Sphere, introduced and adopted by the Government of Japan, provides the framework for cities and regions. ICLEI’s five development pathways—low emission, natural-based, circular, resilient, and equitable and...




在北京首尔缔结友城 25 周年系列活动的框架下,北京市生态环境局和首尔市气候与环境本部于 2018 年 11 月 26 日在北京共同举办了“北京—首尔气候环境联合会议”,再次重申两市应对气候变化和环境问题的坚定承诺。



Beijing-Seoul Climate and Environment Cooperation Forum

The Beijing-Seoul Forum on Climate and Environment Cooperation was held in Beijing on 26 November as part of the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of Seoul-Beijing relations. Co-organized the Beijing Ecology and Environment Bureau and the Seoul Climate and Environment Headquarter, the forum reaffirmed strong commitments of two capital cities to tackle climate change and environmental problems.




2018 年 10 月 24-26 日,湖南省人民政府和亚洲开发银行共同举办了 2018 年亚太低碳技术高峰论坛,旨在齐聚各领域利益相关者,宣传推广低碳城市发展和高端技术投资的协同合作,同时通过平行分会议、对接会议和科技展示等活动,促进与会者深度交流。


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