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Cities and local governments are not waiting for the world to change. We are changing the world together.

Park Won-soon
Mayor of Seoul & ICLEI President 2015-2018

이클레이는 1990년 뉴욕 UN본부에서 개최된 ‘ 지속가능한 미래를 위한 제1차 지방정부 세계회의’ 에 참석한 43개국 200여 지방정부에 의해 창립되었습니다. 그리고 이듬해 1991년 캐나다 토론토 세계사무국과 독일 프라이부르그 유럽사무국을 개설하면서 본격적인 활동을 시작합니다.

이클레이 최초의 글로벌 프로그램은 시민참여와 파트너십에 기초한 지역단위 지속가능발전 운영 프로그램인 「 지방의제21 (Local Agenda21) 」과 지방정부 온실가스 감축활동을 체계적으로 지원하는 「 기후보호도시 캠페인 (CCP : Cities for Climate Protection)」이었습니다.

이클레이 프로그램과 캠페인은 단순한 환경적 차원을 너머 지방정부의 지속가능성 관련 제반정책을 지원합니다. 이에 따라 2003년 이클레이의회는 "이클레이 – 지속가능성을 위한 세계지방정부"로 단체의 명칭을 변경하고 단체의 활동영역을 확대하게 됩니다.

이클레이 동아시아 본부는 서울시의 유치로 2012년 10월에 설립되었으며, 일본 사무소와 한국 사무소, 카오슝 역량개발센터와 함께 동아시아 지역 내 회원 도시들을 지원합니다.


A growing global Network of local governments leading
the way in sustainable development.


We assist Members by engaging them in various levels of advocacy, programs, campaigns, networks and events to exchange knowledge and showcase their achievements.

A robust Movement of
local governments implementing innovative solutions on sustainability.


We support this movement by commitment processes, performance frameworks, programs, international exchange, thematic networks, strategic alliances and centers of excellence.

An effective Agency that supports local governments
to identify and implement radical solutions.


We provide advanced knowledge, innovative tools and methods, deliver training to local leaders, partners and decision makers to adopt practices and systems for urban sustainability.




ICLEI started with the idea that a single municipality has a significant impact.


ICLEI was founded in 1990 by 200 local governments from 43 countries who convened for the first World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Operations started in 1991 at the World Secretariat in Toronto, Canada, and the European Secretariat in Freiburg, Germany.

ICLEI’s first global programs were Local Agenda 21, a program promoting participatory governance and local sustainable development planning, and Cities for Climate Protection™ (CCP), the world’s first and largest program supporting cities in climate action planning using a five milestone process to systematically reduce emissions.

As ICLEI’s programs and campaigns went beyond mere environmental aspects and embraced wider sustainability issues, the ICLEI Council formally broadened the mandate of the association in 2003, renaming the association ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

With the support of Seoul Metropolitan Government, ICLEI East Asia Secretariat was established in October, 2012.




  • We have built a global sustainability network of 1,500+ local and regional governments of all sizes in 88+ countries.

  • We work with local and regional governments through a network of 17 offices and thematic centers on all continents.

  • We have developed common methodologies and created innovative tools which have been applied all levels of government worldwide.

  • We have provided leadership in linking local governments to global policy processes and multilateral environmental agreements.

  • We have supported dozens of municipalities in the use of innovative sustainability management systems; and engaged dozens of global cities in biodiversity management.

  • 50,000+ local government staff have benefited from over 1,000 ICLEI capacity building events.

  • The efforts of 1,000+ cities participating in the CCP Campaign resulted in annual emissions reductions of 60+ million tons CO2eq.



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