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Resilient Cities 2018

4.26 ► 4.28 | Bonn, Germany

The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation is the global platform for cities to share experience and best practices on resilience, hosted by ICLEI every year in Bonn since 2010.

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World Transportation Convention 2018

6.18 ► 6.21 | Beijing, China

WTC is an annual transportation event organized by CHTS and RIOH. The theme for WTC 2018 is “Mobility shapes our world to be better”.

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ICLEI World Congress 2018

6.19 ► 6.23 | Montreal, Canada

Held every three years, the ICLEI World Congress assembles hundreds of local governments, international agencies, national governments, donors and other partners from around the world. Together they set the course for globalizing urban sustainability. During the congress, cities, towns and regions connect with peers, foster partnerships and exchange information and experiences. This event is a key milestone in driving stronger collective local action. ICLEI World Congress 2018 will be hosted by the City of Montreal, Canada.

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Urban Transitions Forum

6.19 ► 6.23 | Montreal, Canada

Urban Transitions Alliance is an initiative led by ICLEI with the aim to support cities in transition from an industrial past to a sustainable future. It was launched at the TWINS conference in Essen in 2017. The Alliance will re-convene for the Urban Transitions Forum at the ICLEI World Congress 2018 in Montréal, Canada, 19-23 June 2018. Cities get support to translate the knowledge they gained into individual urban transition action plans.

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Capacity Building for Local Governments on Sustainable Development

9.9 ► 9.15 | Seoul, South Korea

Training program provided by ICLEI East Asia and Seoul Human Resources Development Center for city officers to exchange best policies and practices on sustainable and low-carbon development. 




11.3 ► 11.14 | Katowice, Slaskie, Poland

ICLEI will participate in COP24 with high level city representatives to help to accelerate the Paris Agreement implementation. As the focal point of local and subnational governments, ICLEI supports cities in positioning themselves as vital partners in shaping and implementing the international architecture and the coordinated efforts of non-Party actors.

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