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Energy-safe Cities East Asia Expert Symposium – Day One Summary

Drawing more than 70 participants, including national and local government officials from 11 East Asian cities from China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia, as well as international experts and industry representatives from the field of sustainable energy, the Energy-safe Cities East Asia Expert Symposium organised by ICLEI East Asia Secretariat kicked off today in Beijing, China.



Johannesburg takes up the challenge of a car-free city

A unique event will take place in Johannesburg from 1-31 October 2015, during South Africa’s Transport Month. The City will be organizing the world’s second-ever ‘EcoMobility World Festival 2015’ – a month-long car-free city district event. The project will visualize an ecomobile future for residents and visitors in Johannesburg.



2014 Biodiversity Summit spurs integration of biodiversity into all levels of government

The knowledge-packed Biodiversity Summit for Cities and Subnational Governments held in parallel with the CBD COP 12 on 12-14 October in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province concluded today, inspiring greater cooperation among all levels of government and furthering the work on promoting biodiversity for sustainability. Organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in...



ICLEI at the UN Climate Summit 2014

At the Climate Summit 2014, Mayors from around the world marched the streets of New York and unveiled new initiatives that will catalyze climate action worldwide. These initiatives – including the historic Compact of Mayors – show the solidarity, leadership and commitment of cities to fight climate change at full speed.



首尔市欢迎全球的城市和市长参加ICLEI 2015 世界大会

2014年9月23日召开的联合国气候首脑会议上,首尔市市长朴元淳与联合国秘书长进行了会晤,朴市长向潘基文秘书长发出了出席ICLEI 2015 世界大会的邀请。ICLEI 2015 世界大会将于2015年4月8至12日在韩国首尔召开。


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