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Training session for promoting GPP recognition held in Suwon, Korea

Since December 2016, ICLEI Korea Office has implemented UN 10YFP program on “SPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring in Suwon” in a cooperation with KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute). As parts of this project, on 6 March 2018, ICLEI KO held a training session for enhancing the recognition of GPP especially targeting for public officers in Suwon city government. During this session, there were more than 80 participants who are highly engaged in green public procurement (GPP).

Mr. Min Kyung-bo who is a vice-president of RIPA (Resource Circulation Industry Promotion Association) made a special lecture on “Change of GPP Recognition to Promoting its Activities” and he highlighted that local governments(LGs)’s vital role in the field of GPP sectors since LGs have become the most important and largest buyers in the Republic of Korea. Moreover, he mentioned that “Consumption and production made by human beings cannot be separated from climate change issues. Therefore, the environmental policies and regulation in LG should be in line with promoting GPP.”

For the second session, Mr. Park Sung-ho, the secretary-general of RCICI (Resources Circulations Industry Certification Institute) addressed a lecture on “A Strategic Plan for RAC(Recycled Asphalts Concrete)’s Purchasing Rates” and he encouraged audiences to actively participate in purchasing RAC by highlighting it’s positive impacts on environmental and economic aspects in Suwon city.

Right after the seminar, a GPP guideline has been published and distributed to all public officers in Suwon city government, and this material includes GPP purchasing process, activities, item lists and good practices. For more about the guideline, please see here.

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