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Case Studies

ICLEI Case Studies

ICLEI Case Study Series highlights the successful approaches, innovative models and transferable good practices taken by ICLEI Members and other local governments in the field of urban development and sustainability initiatives.

ICLEI #140 The Eco-City Building Plan of Rizhao
Rizhao, China
ICLEI #168 Steering Towards an Eco-mobile City with Integrated Public Transport
Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

ICLEI #182 Building Back Safer: One year after the Kaohsiung gas explosions
Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

ICLEI #195 National Pilot District for Low-impact Development
Shenzhen Guangming New District, China

ICLEI #196 Procuring local, vegetarian meals for schools
Taichung City, Chinese Taipei

ICLEI #200 Creating a world class culture of ecomobility
Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

ICLEI #136 Using Natural Systems for Groundwater Conservation: Mineral water from the tap
Kumamoto City
ICLEI #137 Tax Mechanisms to Conserve Privately-Owned Green Areas
Yokoham City
ICLEI #143 An Eco-Energy City through Partnership
Lida City
ICLEI #144 Reducing Emissions through Green Building
Tokyo Metropolitan City

ICLEI #119 The Nearby Useful Bike, Interesting Joyful Attraction (NUBIJA) Project
Changwon City
ICLEI #154 The “One Less Nuclear Power Plant” Initiative   
Seoul City
ICLEI #167 One Neighborhood. One Month. No Cars: the Suwon EcoMobility World Festival
Suwon City
ICLEI #198 Sharing best-practice policy with the world
Seoul City
ICLEI Korea #1 Suwon Stream Restoration Project
Suwon City
ICLEI Korea #2 Icon of Green Life: The Carbon Bank System
Gwangju City
ICLEI Korea #3 Wonju Weatherizaion Assistance Program (WAP)
Wongju City
ICLEI Korea #4 Evergreen Environmental Certification System of Ansan
Ansan City
ICLEI Korea #4 Taehwa River Restoration Project
Ulsan City
ICLEI Korea #6 Gyeongpo Euryale Ferox Wetlands Construction
Gangeung City
ICLEI Korea #7 Korea's First Transit Mall
Daegu City
ICLEI Korea #8 Local Emissions Trading system
Yeosu City
ICLEI Korea #9 Practical Resident-Government Governance Structure to Consult on and Practice Green Policy
Cheongju City
ICLEI Korea #10 For Achieving a Sustainable Eco-city, Eco-friendly Urban Agriculture in Gangdong-gu
Seoul Metropolitan City
ICLEI Korea #11 Ecological Conservation through Proper Governance, Masterpiece of Nature and Time, Suncheon Bay Conservation Project
Suncheon City
ICLEI Korea #12 The Governance of Urban Regeneration: From Korean War Relics to Peace & Culture Center
Dobong-gu District, Seoul

ICLEI #145 A European Green Capital
Nantes, France
ICLEI #146 Green Cleaning in the City of Reykavick
Reykavick, Iceland
ICLEI #149 Moving From Assessment to Action on Climate Change
Toronto, Canada
ICLEI #150 Building a Sustainable City on the Pillars of Urban Innovation
Portland, USA
ICLEI #151 Building an Eco City, building a Sustainable City
Melbourne, Australia
ICLEI #152 Buses Running on Clean Renewable Diesel
Helsinki, Finland
ICLEI #153 Environmental Education and Participation for Local Sustainable Development
Helsingborg, Sweden

10YFP on SPP Case Studies

Published under the framework of the UN 10YFP SPP Program Working Group 1a "SPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring"

Suwon, Korea


ICLEI-IRENA Case Studies

Published on behalf of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), this case study series illustrates how local governments can support a transition to Renewable Energy.


Stimulating Renewable Energy through Public and Private Procurement
Austin, US


Waste to Energy for More Effective Landfill Site Management
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Potential Analysis of Renewable Energy for Targeted Policy Intervention
Chemnitz, Germany


Green Economic Development with Renewable Energy Industries
Dezhou, China


Integrating Ambitious Renewable Energy Targets in City Planning
Malmö, Sweden

Local Government Regulation Ordinances and Laws to Promote Renewable Energy
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lighting Up the Streets
Sydney, Australia & Nagpur, India

EcoMobility Case Studies

Compiled by ICLEI Korea Office, the national coordination of European Mobility Week 2015, the case studies documented the best practices of the cities of Busan, Seoul and Wonju.


Best Practice #1

Youth Participation for EcoMobility
Busan, Korea

Best Practice #2

'Great Step Forward' toward EcoMobility
Wonju, Korea

Best Practice #3

Raising Public Awareness of EcoMobility via Bicycle Campaign
Seoul, Korea

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