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EcoMobility World Festival 2013 Report presents legacy of car-free neighborhood

Can we imagine a life without cars? This call to action sets the tone of the newly released EcoMobility World Festival 2013 Report which documents the experience of Suwon City, South Korea in hosting the first ever month-long car-free initiative.



World’s leading green cities network – ICLEI strengthens base in East Asia

Hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, the East Asia regional secretariat is ICLEI’s eighth regional office worldwide. It will facilitate cooperation between 75 member cities in the region, which comprises China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, South Korea and Mongolia.



低碳可持续城市能力建设培训项目由首尔市人力资源发展中心(SHRDC)和ICLEI- 倡导地方可持续发展国际理事会东亚秘书处共同举办。本次活动将于2016年4月在韩国首尔举行,旨在提高中国地方政府官员在低碳可持续发展城市方面的能力建设,以及中韩两国间,特别是地方政府层面就可持续环境政策和经验的交流。


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