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Northeast Asian cities discuss plan to establish Low Carbon City partnership

Accounting for one-third of the world‘s greenhouse gas emissions, the Northeast Asia sub-region with its rapidly rising urban population which is projected to grow to almost 70% by 2020, is seeking low carbon city (LCC) solutions to make their development more sustainable and eco-friendly.



ICLEI at 2013 EU-China Exhibition on Urban Development

With the urban population growing by 250 million over the past 12 years, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli called for deepened and practical cooperation between China and European countries on 20 November during the 2013 EU-China Exhibition on Urban Development held in Beijing.



UN Climate Talks go local: First ever “Cities Day” to bring local and subnational authorities on board

Concluded on 23 November 2013, the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw witnessed the first ever Cities and Sub-national dialogue that took place during COP, which can be considered as a direct and immediate implementation of the Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Sub-national Leaders on Climate Change adopted in September 2013.



ICLEI spurs dialogues to scale up action in Warsaw

During the first week of COP 19, ICLEI stirred preeminent events that showcased, shared and scaled up innovative local climate solutions. Leveraging the partnership with the City of Warsaw, UNFCCC, networks and cities, ICLEI delivered a strong presence at the UN Workshop on Urbanization, LEDS global partnership session and the World Climate Summit. A full list of city-related events is compiled by ICLEI under the Local Government Climate Roadmap...


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