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ICLEI spurs dialogues to scale up action in Warsaw

During the first week of COP 19, ICLEI stirred preeminent events that showcased, shared and scaled up innovative local climate solutions. Leveraging the partnership with the City of Warsaw, UNFCCC, networks and cities, ICLEI delivered a strong presence at the UN Workshop on Urbanization, LEDS global partnership session and the World Climate Summit. A full list of city-related events is compiled by ICLEI under the Local Government Climate Roadmap...



Korean youth gear up for ICLEI World Congress 2015 in Seoul

Over 100 participants including high school students, teachers and parents gathered at Seoul City Hall on 9 November to prepare for the mock ICLEI Youth World Congress taking place on 7 December.







ICLEI East Asia Secretariat joins the International Green Campus Alliance

ICLEI East Asia Secretariat has joined the International Green Campus Alliance (IGCA) after attending the IGCA conference held in Chongqing, China in October 2013.



Northeast Asian cities seek ways to improve urban and transnational air quality

Cities across Northeast Asia are facing air pollution – an issue that at times receives less attention that it should due to its “invisibility” and slow-onset impacts on health and livelihoods. To raise awareness among policymakers and find solutions to improve air quality in the region, the Northeast Asian International Seminar on Air Quality Improvement was held in Seoul, South Korea on 17 October 2013.


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