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2014年12月17日,德国波恩-倡导ICLEI地方政府可持续发展国际理事会喜迎联合国气候变化大会第20次缔约国会议(COP20/CMP10)成果,特别是“采取气候行动利马呼吁”(Lima Call for Climate Action),但同时,ICLEI更鼓励所有国家,紧急动用可能的框架和资源,来实践地方和地区政府的雄心勃勃的承诺。



ICLEI Council 2015-2018 Finalized

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the ICLEI Council 2015-2018. The ICLEI Regional Executive Committee (RexCom) elections take place every three years throughout ICLEI’s nine regions to elect a group of representatives from ICLEI’s membership.



Lima hosts cities climate change meeting alongside COP20

8 December 2014, Lima, Peru – The Peruvian capital Lima is hosting an important climate change meeting today among world mayors and experts to concretize their engagement in the new climate regime to be adopted in Paris next year.



20th UN Climate Conference of the Parties underway in Lima

Taking place from 1-12 December 2014, the UN Lima Climate Change Conference is expected to prepare the necessary technical and legal framework for a universal climate agreement to be adopted in Paris in 2015. A proposed outcome of the conference is the Lima Action Agenda of the Peruvian Presidency, which foresees a greater role for local and subnational governments to make meaningful contributions in the lead up to and beyond 2015.



ICLEI gears up for COP2020 in Lima

ICLEI and local governments will gather in Lima, Peru in December for the UN Climate Change Convention conference (COP20/CMP10) en route to Paris.


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