Aggressively Pushing Ahead Ultra Fine Articles Reduction Measures in Eunpyeong-gu, Korea

The mayor of Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul (Kim Woo-young) announced 10 policy packages as '2018 Core Projects for Citizens' selected from his policy pledges. This is one of the on-going process which has been continued since 2013 that mayor has selected the core projects annually, monitored the progress on a monthly basis, and open it to the citizens.

This year, the mayor selected 10 core projects from various fields including technology, culture, environment, health etc, focusing on the policies that make a significant effect on the daily lives of the citizens. 10 projects are like the following : △ Decentralization △ Smart & Safe city utilizing ICT technology △ Support for local libraries △ Building cultural cluster △ Being certified as UNICEF children-friendly city △ Building infrastructure for job creation △ Citizen participatory urban regeneration projects △ Construction of Regional Resource Circulation Center △ Implementing PM(Particular Matter)2.5 reduction measures △ Enhancing health care system customizable for chronic illness people.

PM2.5 Reduction Measures is one of the 10 projects. This project tries to improve air quality generally by reducing dust scattering and promoting renewable energy industry, as well as addressing health problems by deploying emergency measures especially for the highly concentrated PM2.5 and operating efficient forecasting & alarming system. The details are like the following :

《General air quality improvement measures》
Enhancing monitoring and management of the factories where Particular Matters scattering derives from

  • Mitigating car emission
  • Creating a green space
  • Promoting energy transition

《Health protection measures》

  • Deploying emergency measures for the highly concentrated PM2.5 and operating efficient forecasting & alarming system
  • Enhancing official health protection measures for vulnerable groups

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