A meeting between ICLEI EAS and Seoul Metropolitan Government was held on 15 February 2017 to get a picture of cooperation plan.

EAS Meets with Seoul for 2017 Work Plan

On 15 February 2017, ICLEI East Asia Secretariat (EAS) had the annual meeting with Seoul Metropolitan Government in drawing a picture of work plan in 2017. A meeting between ICLEI EAS Regional Director Shu Zhu and Boyoun Hwang, Assistant Mayor of Seoul, together with Hunjai Chung, Director General for Environment and Energy was held.

During the meeting, Assistant Mayor Hwang appreciated ICLEI’s works on promoting air quality improvement and urban resilience development in East Asia through facilitating a variety of projects and programs, and encouraging Chinese cities’ participation. Shu Zhu, on the other hand, explained EAS’s committed efforts in sharing the best practices and policy designs of Seoul in the region.

Launched under the framework of the 2016 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement, the East Asia Clean Air Cities (EACAC) program was jointly initiated by ICLEI EAS and Seoul Metropolitan Government to accelerate local actions against air pollution through regional multilateral cooperation. The program will be one of ICLEI EAS’ areas of focus in 2017.

ICLEI EAS and Seoul Metropolitan Government have agreed to actively cooperate in tackling air quality issues in the region via EACAC and the Northeast Asia Air Quality Improvement Forum, which Seoul is planning to host in June. Shu Zhu particularly suggested the Forum to highlight technical solutions exchange, so that participants could gain practical insights on air quality improvements. 

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