Experts and scholars gathered in Seoul to have a discussion over transformation to climate proof society.

Participants carefully listening to the presentations during the workshop.

EAS participated in the international workshop on transformation to climate proof society

The international workshop, Transformation to Climate Proof Society, was hosted by National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Science (NRC) and Korean Environment Institute (KEI) on 24th July in Seoul. Merlin Lao, Program Manager of ICLEI East Asia, was invited to deliver a speech on local governments’ climate actions in the “international efforts towards climate proof society” session.

In the welcome ceremony, Mr. Kwang Kook Park, the President of KEI, sent his best wishes for the workshop. Mr. Eun Bong Kang, Secretary General of NRC, addressed the importance of the cooperation between international and domestic organizations for the transformation towards a climate proof society. Congratulatory remarks were given by Mr. Byungok Ahn, the Korean Vice Minister of Environment and Ms. Young Sook Yoo, the former Korean Minister of Environment.

The workshop was consisted of two main sessions. In the first session, which focused on the international efforts towards a climate proof society, three speakers shared their experiences working in Europe and the East Asia region. Merlin Lao shared ICLEI’s experiences on local climate actions projects and demonstrated the collaboration between local governments through ICLEI’s programmes. His sharing was preceded by two experienced experts; Professor Kevin Hicks, Deputy Director of Stockholm Environment Institute, demonstrated the research result regarding the relationship between air pollution and the benefit of greenhouse gases mitigation in the near-term. Dr. Alexander Fisher, the Advisor of German Federal Ministry for the Environment, explained Germany’s 2050 Climate Action Plan.

The second session focused on Korea’s pathway towards a climate proof society, in which experts from KEI, Korea Energy Economics Institute, and Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs interacted to addressing issues on importance of multi-sectoral integration in the process of transformation, long-term energy and GHG emission outlook in the country, and climate change health impacts.

Through this workshop, ICLEI East Asia and KEI have expressed interests to extend further co-operation in the field of climate change.

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