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EAS RexCom election: application now open

As a membership association, ICLEI is democratically governed by its Members through a global Council. Every 3 years, ICLEI Members come together to elect the future leadership of the Network. As the current term of ICLEI Governance is due to conclude at the end of 2017, the election process of the 2018-2021 term has started.

Parallel RexCom elections are rolled out in all 9 ICLEI regions. Once elected, each RexCom will nominate 1 representative for the Global Executive Committee.

In East Asia, application for candidacy is open from 15 June to 14 July 2017. All ICLEI Members in East Asia are eligible to run for candidacy by submitting an application to ICLEI East Asia Secretariat at iclei-eastasia@remove-this.iclei.org, with indicated thematic portfolio position of the candidacy.

The ICLEI East Asia Regional Executive Committee is composed of 5 Members, covering 5 thematic portfolios in the region, including: 

  • Air quality improvement and regional cooperation; 
  • Low carbon development and climate mitigation
  • Resilience and climate adaptation;
  • Green, circular and resource-efficient economy; and 
  • Sustainable urban mobility


All eligible candidates from ICLEI Members are invited to apply, and are strongly recommended to contact the Director of their Country Office or Capacity Building Center for more information on application and nomination.  


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