Gwangju Metropolitan City Is Pouring Their All Efforts into Expanding Citizen-led ‘Da-gachi Green’ Project towards Sustainable Growth in Their Town.

Gwangju Metropolitan City which is one of the leading cities among ICLEI Korea members has been pouring their all efforts to expand citizen-led “Da-gachi Green” project that will bring about eco-friendly communities in Gwangju. In addition, this project has been certified by Ministry of Environment (MOE) as an environmental education program.

All over the world, we are facing with the climate change and global warming issues. As one of the pioneer’s cities in this field in the Republic of Korea, Gwangju has been leading a sustainable development by implementing various policies and programs which ultimately contribute to reduce green-house gases, highlight zero-emission development, and construct an inclusive city. As of this year of 2018, Gwangju city has actively buckled down to ‘the Da-gachi Green’ project in order to accelerate the sustainable growth. And the city is planning to expand its budgets and sectors to activate citizen’s participation.

The Da-gachi Green project is one of the environmental education programs for elementary school students and this is to encourage students to examine environmental issues in their town and find out its solutions to make their village to live better. The MOE has highly estimated the fact that all students engage in this program including examination, discussion, decision-making, and problem-solving at the every stage. Furthermore, this program has been acknowledged by many local societies since this can share its field experiences and environmental agendas through mobile applications.

The project includes the three most important activities: i) Safe Village: Participant examines their local communities’ environmental problems and then finds its solutions which can be feasible policies; ii) Village All Together: This program encourages every citizen to actively participate in environmental campaign; iii) Clean Village: Participants take the lead service to improve/prevent environmental pollution in their town.


Good Practices: Shall we chant “Da-gachi Green” for our beautiful Earth!

Munheung Elementary School

Especially as for this project, the environmental club “Doggabi Team” in Munheung elementary school which consists of twenty students including third and fourth grade year has actively engaged in three most important performances : i) participate in environmental campaigns; ii) hand in statement on traffic safety to the local police office; iii) curb illegal trash dumping in cooperation with villagers.


Nongsung Elementary School

All students in Nongsung elementary school have joined in painting murals on the school’s wall led by student council and this activity informs all community members to notice how urgent environmental issues that they have been confronted.



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