ICLEI Korea Members Adopted “2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability” during ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly 2018 towards Sustainability

On 30th January, ICLEI Korea Office (Director Yeonhee PARK) hold “ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly 2018 towards Sustainability” in cooperation with Ulsan Metropolitan City (Mayor Kihyun KIM). ICLEI Korea Members came together to issue/adopt “2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability” which largely comply not only with the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) but also with local issues.

More than 100 political leaders, public officers, civil societies and research institutes were participated including special guests such as Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City, Mayor of Suwon City (Mayor Taeyoung YEOM), Chief of Ansan Environmental Foundation (Mr. Yonkwan SHIN), and Professor Marc Wolfram from Sungkyunkwan University.

ICLEI Korea has hosted “ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly” at the beginning of every year. During this meeting, numerous global agendas such as climate change and low-carbon have been discussed and then participants discover the effective/tangible ways to overcome urban problems which can head towards sustainable local growth.

Through the Assembly, there are also several other events have been implemented for public officers such as Study Tour in Taehwa River Seepri(4km) Bamboo Grove, Ulsan city and Special Poster Session to interchange local policies among ICLEI Korea members. Moreover, right before adopting “2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability”, there was a keynote speech presented by Professor Marc Wolfram from Sungkyunkwan University and this lecture was to encourage local leaders to have a transformative urban leadership taking cities towards sustainability.

During the opening speech, Mayor YEOM from Suwon city said “Today I witness that the Republic of Korea has continued to develop in a sustainable way. I feel confident that everyone who participates in this Assembly has the same thought. Thus, through the ICLEI’s strong global networks, we should share this incredible growth with international societies.”

Mayor KIM from Ulsan city at the welcome speech mentioned that “We, ICLEI Korea members, should guide a way for local sustainability of the Republic of Korea and I promise to everyone that Ulsan Metropolitan City also always accompany with all of you towards sustainable growth.”

Director Yeonhee Park highlighted the Korean local government’s influential roles both in local and global societies under ICLEI’s consolidated partnership and networking.



2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability

  1. We make sustainable city.
  2. We make the inclusive city for all.
  3. We make the city being responsible for climate change and energy conversion.
  4. We make city being resilient to disasters and crisis.
  5. We make BiodiverCity.
  6. We make EcoMobile city.
  7. We make the city with sustainable local circular-economy.

For more information on the Pledge, please refer to the attachment.

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