Seoul received UN Public Service Awards

Seoul Metropolitan Government, hosting city of ICLEI East Asia Secretariat, received UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA) in May 2013. As a whole, four policies of Seoul Metropolitan Government have been selected as winners of the UNPSA: 

  • Seoul welfare standards enabled by and for the citizens as well as eco-mileage, a program to engage citizens in GHG reduction in the category of fostering participation in public policy-making decisions through innovative mechanisms;
  • Comprehensive support initiative for single women households in promoting gender-responsive delivery of public services;
  • Clean construction system in anti-corruption sector. 

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) presents UNPSA, the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service, to exemplary public policies among those submitted by public institutions all over the world every year.

Over the years, Seoul Metropolitan Government has made efforts to encourage people to take part in policy making process under the motto of “We Make Seoul Together. We Share Everything in Seoul.” And ICLEI EAS is pleased to hear the good news that their efforts have been recognized and awarded by UNPSA programme.

For more details on the UNPSA and Seoul's recognized policies, please read more.

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