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Wonder what kind of urban challenges cities in the East Asia region are facing and how they are tackling them and promoting sustainability in their cities and towns? Check out this interview series with East Asian Leaders!

ICLEI interviewed mayors, government officials and experts from China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and Mongolia on their views and experiences in tackling today's urban sustainability challenges. The series is divided into three parts:

  • East Asia Leaders series (I): Urban challenges and solutions in East Asian Cities GO >>>

  • East Asia Leaders series (II): Successful Sustainability Project and Achievement in East Asian Cities  GO >>>

  • East Asia Leaders series (III): Global Sustainability Challenge GO >>>

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EcoProcura China 2015: Green Public Procurement, Guiyang, China, 28 June 2015

Energy-safe Cities East Asia Program Expert Symposium, Beijing, China, 28-29 October 2014


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